Chicago Gizmodo Reader Meetup: Saturday, September 27th

Wired's Nextfest opens to the public in Chicago's Millennium Park on September 27th. So we figured it was the perfect time to throw a get-together for the Midwestern contingent of our readership. Those guys in Tahoe and New York have had their fancy parties, and it's time to show 'em how we do it here in Chicago. So everyone's invited (21 and over) whether you're a fan of Giz or just a lowly, fellow tech writer looking to have a night of fun, food and booze on the house. Here are the full details:The Hotel Sax will be generously hosting us for the party, a Chicago spot that's gotten some accolades for fun tech stuff they've done with Microsoft. We'll be taking up their 4th floor meeting area (you can walk in and take the elevator directly there), a pretty comfortable spot with a 20-or-so-foot wide screen, a big waterwall fountain and an open bar from 8-10:30PM (party goes to 11).


Thanks to their A/V department, there should be pleasant fraternizing with the melodious backdrop of head-to-head Rock Band 2.

As for the location, the Hotel Sax is located right next to the House of Blues and Marina City. Super easy. Everyone from Chicago knows where I'm talking about. Anyone not from Chicago can get there by cab with no problem at all. I'm planning on a good turnout (we're fast-approaching 100 RSVPs), but do me a favor and email tips with 'RSVP' in the subject line if you haven't yet (and you plan on coming, of course), just so I can get a rough headcount. It'll be pretty much just me representing from the Giz side, but hope to meet you there!

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