Three well-trained dogs wait patiently for the go ahead signal as their owner lays out delicious grilled hot dogs in front of them. Then she gives the signal to go ahead—but the chihuahua steals all of the food before the pit bulls react. Is the chihuahua a jerk or is it all a well-rehearsed trick?


While it's tempting to consider this an example of the chihuahua's character, it's also possible the pit bulls were just trained using a different command. Dog training can be extremely granular, and dogs understand hundreds of distinct commands easily. Look how slowly the pit bulls react—if at all. You'd think they would dive on to those yummy hot dogs at the first opportunity. Also, it kind of seems like the chihuahua knows exactly what it's doing picking up all three dogs before getting he hell out.

Of course, the pit bulls might just be slow and dumb, while the chihuahua is a speedy, food gathering genius. Isn't it more fun that way?

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