Here in the US, the one pushing fiber hardest is Google, and for the time being, you're only able to get some of that sweet, sweet juice if you're in Kansas City. And you'll have to pay for it. In China, things are a bit different. A new policy now requires all residences built near fiber (within a mile) to be wired up to it starting in April.

It's not just the fiber though, the new residences are required to be hooked up to all available providers in the vicinity so that the homeowner or renter can choose who they want to get service from. Imagine that. China hopes to have 40 million families hooked up to the good stuff by 2015 while at the same time, here in the comparably-sized United States, we still haven't even gotten nationwide broadband completely covered yet.


Granted, I'm sure none of us would trade our Internet for China's in exchange for even the most blistering of speeds, but it kind of makes you pine for some fiber, doesn't it? [China Daily via Ubergizmo]

Image by zentilia/Shutterstock