Chinavasion's MP3 Cassette Player Brings The Good Times Back

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We have an endearment to cassette inspired gadgets and those who create them. For that reason, we applaud Chinavasion for their spectacular MP3 Cassette Player. It is shaped like a cassette. It is an MP3 player. Does it require any more tricks to seduce you? Probably not, but nonetheless, there is still a little something up its plastic sleeve.


The MP3 player is not shaped like an audiocassette without reason; it can actually be played through a cassette deck! It does not come supplied with any memory at all; you must supply your own SD/MMC card (2GB maximum). It shall only playback MP3 encoded tracks, has a USB2.0 connection, rechargeable battery and only supports Windows 2000 (anyone still use this?)/XP. Launch dates and pricing details not confirmed at present.

If you have wondered what your MP3s would sound like pumping out of archaic stereo deck you have lying about, wonder no more. Much like our once, thick, luscious hair, the cassette used to do quite a nifty job. Unfortunately, like our present day, sad comb over, the cassette is also forced into attempting to impress the ladies by pretending to be something it is not. It probably is not going to work out great for it either, but you have to love the effort. Take a bow Mr. Cassette MP3; we still love you with all of our partially balding heads. Guys, lose the comb overs—no one loves the effort. [Product Page via Technabob].

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That's not just a cassette, it's two turntables too! A double Mesozoic technology whammy!

I think I'm gonna buy one. I'm definitely old enough to appreciate it. And my computer runs Win2K because I think the XP interface looks like it was designed by Fisher-Price.

My kinda gadget, yep.