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Chinese Billionaire's Son Bought Eight iPhone 7s For His Dog

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We live in a world of great economic disparity. The rich indulge in unimaginable luxuries. The poor starve. And the son of a Chinese billionaire bought his dog eight iPhone 7s, just for funsies.

Wang Sicong—the son of Wang Jialin, a Chinese businessman whose net worth is over $30 billion—bought his precious pup Coco eight iPhone 7s, according to a post on the dog’s verified Weibo account. In China, an iPhone 7 costs between 6,388 and 7,988 yuan (equivalent to $956.98 and $1,196.68 USD), meaning Sicong spent upwards of $7,655 on phones for his dog, which is pretty much pocket change to a billionaire.


Coco has yet to make an official statement on how she feels about the loss of the headphone jack. We also have no comment about how Coco feels about being a pawn in her owner’s lavish display of wealth, but just look into those eyes. Coco knows. Coco believes in a better world.