Chinese Concept Phones: At Last, a Useful Place for a USB Connector

No idea whether these will ever make it into production, but Chinese phone company Huawei showed off three pretty spanky ideas at CeBit 2007. First up is a phone with a built-in USB connector that doesn't need any additional cables to function. Made of flexible rubber, the connector bends any which way you want to connect it to your computer to transfer data or recharge your phone. More crazy ideas and pics after the jump.

How do you like the idea of a phone with an extra external battery, which will give you extra juice by connecting it to the USB? I think these are aimed at teen girls who, as we know, love to talk INTERMINABLY (unlike teen boys, whose adolescent years are frequently punctuated by grunts). Also, only teen girls would bother customizing their batteries with pink fake fur and glitter. Boys would just scratch "World, I HATE you" on theirs.


The final concept, below, is a mobile with a detachable Bluetooth headset, although I originally thought it was a space-age biro. Even if you just use the headset you can still connect to your address book or any data stored in the phone which, in my book, makes it smart. And you can use the space-age biro thingy to track your phone interactively via Bluetooth.


Chinese Concept Phones Revealed In CeBit [Coolest Gadgets]

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