Chinese QIGI Android Phone Gets the Video Treatment

The brief, not-really-a-race for the second Android handset looks to have been decided as the Kogan Agora will be out next month (in Australia). But now QIGI has shot back with some actual footage of a working i6 phone.

There are a few things missing here, as the data connection and on-screen keyboard don't seem to be functioning for the time being. This makes checking out some of Android's most important functions sort of difficult, but in the context of a disappointing and complete dearth of new Android hardware since the G1, it's a comfort to see the OS running on something—anything—else. Any optimism this video inspires, though, should be slight—the Kogan and QIGI Android phones will be released as far away from here as possible, in Australia and China, respectively. [Engadget]

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I think Android is going to be a lot bigger in the East than here in the West. I still think Android phones will make up around 30% of smart phone here in North America and Europe with in 5 years, but will probably around %60 in Asian markets.