Choose Your Own iPod Adventure

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Good news everyone! Those Choose Your Own Adventure books you loved to read while stuffed into a locker as a kid are finally making their way to the iPod. The CYOA titles come in two forms, e-book and audio book.

With the e-book, you read normally and choose pages when prompted. As an audiobook, the author (some weirdo who writes CYOA books) reads the text to you, then prompts you whenever applicable. The whole scheme is kinda wonky, but may be neat for your kid to play with instead of bugging you while you're driving.

Plus, the publisher is giving away a free CYOA: The Abominable Snowman as a free download until January 25. Try it yourself and relive the glory days of 7th grade.


Choose Your Own (iPod) Adventure

Product Page [CYOAStore]

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Not quite the "adventure" most prefer: Squinting, blocking the sun, and trying to read something on a small screen isn't that fun after a short time. Reading in a bouncing vehicle or outside is tough, plus a battery dies quicker with video.

With an audiobook there is a better way you'll finish the book.