Chris Nolan thinks all of your Inception theories are stupid

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We all have our little theories about the strange ending to Chris Nolan's Inception. Now the director is finally speaking out on the ambiguous ending, but only to tell us all that we're all very, very wrong.

In the new issue for Wired Nolan fields a few fan theories on Inception. Here are his comments on the public's theories:

In the end you can hear Cobb's top topple over thus proving that he's not in a dream, Nolan's response: "This gives Cobb a base-line reality. But he's an untrustworthy narrator."


So a non-answer really. What about the fact that Cobb's children are wearing the same clothes in his dreams and in the climax? Plus they haven't aged at all? Clearly THIS proves that he is in a dream. Nolan's response: "The kids are not wearing the same clothes at the end! And they do age! We were working with two sets of kids."

But what about the fact that Cobb is clearly not looking at the top in the end? Does that mean he doesn't care if it's a dream or reality he's happy, so clearly it is a dream or else why else show that? Nolan's response: "The important thing is that Cobb's not looking at the top. He doesn't care."


Ok what if just the ENDING is a dream and Saito and Cobb are still stuck together in the dream world, so they've decided to build their own world together, where everything works out? Nolan's response: "Uh…that's not how I would have read the movie."

The phrase "leap of faith" is repeated over and over causing many people to believe that the whole movie is really an act of Inception. Nolan's response: "I don't think I'm going to tell you about this."


To read more theory-smashing pick up the new Wired Magazine, issue 18.12.

[Thanks to Collider for pointing this out]