Chris Pratt Was Turned Down For The Roles of James Kirk And Jake Sully

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Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't come out until next month, but we're already pretty sure that Chris Pratt is our new space-opera hotness. And if things had turned out differently, he could have starred in Star Trek. Or Avatar.

This weeks' big Entertainment Weekly cover story about Pratt mentions an odd tidbit — he tried out for the roles of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot and Jake Sully in Avatar, but didn't make the cut. He tells the interviewer that the Avatar audition was especially humiliating:

"They said they want somebody that says 'that thing,' that 'It factor'... I walked into that room knowing I did not have that thing, and i walked out thinking I would never have that thing, probably."


After that, he decided to do nothing but character roles — and he turned down the chance to try out for Peter Quill, a couple times. Thank goodness he relented — and this probably worked out for the best. He would have been a great Kirk, but he looks like he's going to own the role of Star-Lord.

Read more in this week's print edition of Entertainment Weekly.