Inside officially started yesterday, July 25, when the first film segment posted to YouTube at 2 PM EST. Christina Perasso (Emmy Rossum) is locked in that room with just a laptop and an intermittent Wifi connection as her lifeline to the outside world. No one knows how this scenario is going to play out, or how long Christina can even survive—she's in there without food or water. It's all part of an experiment in Social Film created by Intel and Toshiba, and her fate is truly in the hands of her family and friends, both old and new, and you, the viewers.

So she could really use your help right about now. Here's how you get involved: "like" Christina Perasso on Facebook to post messages, ideas, photos, videos—anything you think will help. She responds frequently (because of the whole trapped-in-a-room-against-her-will thing), and even posts pictures of her holding cell (creepy!). You can also "like" The Inside Experience on Facebook for live updates and subscribe to The Inside Experience YouTube channel to be notified when the next film is released. The whole experience will be catalogued on and available for you to follow on Twitter via @theinsideexp, where you can interact with other fans using the hashtag #theinsideexperience. Christina seems like a smart girl, so be on the lookout for her Twitter page and more ways to interact with her directly.


Over 500 viewers auditioned for a featured cameo through Inside's Social Casting call. You can watch these auditions here, under the Social Casting tab. Stay tuned to find out which viewer gets to be a character in the film!