Christopher Nolan auditioning female leads for Batman 3

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Christopher Nolan seems to be hard at work casting Batman 3. Just two weeks ago he nabbed Tom Hardy for his final Batman movie. And now he's reportedly looking for a leading lady — but who will she play?

Movie Hole is reporting that Nolan has quietly meeting actresses in their late 20s and early 30s for a secret, but substantial, role in his third Batman movie. Sorry to disappoint, Megan Fox/Catwoman photoshop enthusiasts, but Nolan is allegedly steering away from casting a big A-list celebrity. The new member of Nolan's Gotham will most likely be a new face.


Of course, everything is being kept under wraps, even the character's identity, but Movie Hole suggested that the part might be revealed within the next few weeks. Who could this character be? We've already seen two different actors play Rachel Dawes, but it's unlikely that this character will make a surprise resurrection with a new face. Plenty of fans have expressed interest in seeing Harley Quinn, but can you have Harley without the Joker? It could be Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, a character Liam Neeson introduced us to in Batman Begins. But our money is riding on Catwoman. She's a classic character who's begging for the Nolan touch. Plus we need someone to help us burn away any lasting images of Halle Berry's Catwoman interpretation.

[Image by Josh McMahon