Chrome Data Syncing Just Bookmarks Now, But Will Be So Much More

The stripped-down Chrome experience is slowly bulking up as it beats the path to full-fledged OS: Data syncing will hit the developer release of Chrome this month. Bookmarks now, but it's designed for more data later. And it's push.


That means anything you do in one browser will show up immediately in all your other Chrome browsers, no actual syncing required, like with Xmarks. Add a bookmark. Delete one, it's shows up instantly. You'll also be able to get to your bookmarks in any browser through a web app by logging into your Google account. Ars says that the sync framework's designed to scale to handle other types of data.

Honestly, though, a data syncing framework from Google—even a tiny one—just makes me think of one thing: The long-rumoredGDrive online storage with full data sync and backup powers. Which would make Chrome OS a lot tastier. Mmmm. [Google via Ars]

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