Chrome Will Now Let You Surf In Virtual Reality

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Today's not only a great day for barbecue lovers, it's also a red letter day for anyone who loved 1992's The Lawnmower Man and has lamented a future without virtual reality everywhere. According to Google's Brandon Jones, Chrome, at least the Windows and OS X versions, now support WebVR letting you use virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or Google's Cardboard with it.

What does that mean for Chrome users right now? Not much, and definitely not surfing your favorite sites or checking email on some spinning 3D cube. But Chrome's WebVR support does pave the way for virtual reality experiences to be delivered through a browser. And it could revolutionize shopping, letting you see a product from any angle, or finally browse an entire store's offerings from the comfort of your office chair. [TojiCode via Engadget]

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Micah Ganske

I would be interested in a simulated 500" monitor in front of my face while using Chrome!