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Chromecast With Google TV Really Is Perfect Now, Huh?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Our favorite streaming device just got a major update.

As initially teased by Google back in December, Chromecast with Google TV now supports the Apple TV app on its platform. Other Google TV-powered devices will also get support for the app, including Sony and TCL’s 2020 televisions when they eventually hit the market later this year. Google also said the app will arrive on additional Android TV-powered devices in the months ahead but did not elaborate on which specific devices would be included.

The addition of the Apple TV app for Chromecast devices is huge—it means that longtime Apple users will now be able to access all of the content they’ve purchased through the platform on their Chromecast with Google TV. Additionally, for folks with subscriptions to Apple TV+, they’ll also be able to stream Apple’s originals on the Google device now too.


Apple TV was one of the last major streaming apps missing from the Chromecast with Google TV, and the addition makes it a strong contender as a cheaper alternative to Apple’s own set-top boxes. The interfaces are markedly different, with Google TV placing a much greater emphasis on recommendation and discovery. But specs-wise, and especially for the casual streamer who doesn’t require a ton of on-device storage, Google TV checks most of the same boxes for premium features—and it costs a quarter of what the Apple TV 4K box does.


Apple originals will now appear in Google TV search results and content recommendations, as well as be added to the Watchlist. Additionally, the Google Assistant will now be able to play Apple titles. These features are available in the U.S. now but will roll out to global users in the months ahead, the company said.


The best budget streaming device just keeps getting better.