Chromecast's New Slingbox App Puts Your Entire TV Lineup in Your Pocket

What if you could bring your entire TV to a friend's house, all your channels and DVR programs intact? That's more or less what the Slingbox app for Chromecast lets you do today. With a Slingbox hooked up to your home theater plus the SlingPlayer app for iOS and Android devices you could already take your content on the go, but now you can also beam that content to any TV connected to Google's $35 Chromecast HDMI dongle.

If your friends already have one, it'll be as easy as logging onto their home Wi-Fi network to start the show, but I bet some of you will simply carry a Chromecast with you so that you can comfortably kick back in front of any big screen TV you encounter. That dongle is pretty pocketable, after all.


Technically, you could already beam Slingbox content from an iPhone to an Apple TV using AirPlay, or from the SlingPlayer app to a number of recent Roku devices including the $50 Streaming Stick. But the Chromecast is an unprecedentedly cheap and easy way to do it. Plus, did you know Chromecast just added Twitch? [Sling Blog via Digital Trends]

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