Chrome's About to Knock Firefox to Third Place

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Internet Explorer, the old, fat, mad king of the online kingdom still reigns uncontested. But beneath him, a power struggle between Chrome and Firefox, the latter of which has clung to the number two spot. But that's about to change.


According to internet stats firm StatCounter, Chrome's grown in use by 50%—and is on track to take the silver medal by December. StatCounter is just one company among many that do the exact same thing, so these figures aren't ironclad. But the trend definitely is—IE languishes, and Firefox hasn't done much to excite us in a while. Chrome, on the other hand, at least has Google beating its drum; a luxury afforded by, you know, being owned by megarich Google. The long term trend here—emphasis on long—is the gradual decline of IE. Eventually, I'd expect Firefox and Chrome to take the number one and two spots. It's just a matter of when, and who'll be the new king. [ComputerWorld]



I don't know where they got their stats, but I kinda trust W3's stats that has FF in first Chrome second (and gaining) and IE in third.

As for my preference in browsers, the main reasons I don't use chrome are that I use foxytunes as an alarm clock, and keyboard shortcuts for my bookmarks. i.e. giz goes straight to without having to search for it and gm goes to Gmail.