Cicadas On a Six Story Wall Are Very Noisy

Cicadas like to sing. And when thousands of them gather on a six-story wall, the noise they produce is deafening.

As with most ostentatious displays, these male cicadas are looking for a mate. When in full singing mode, male cicadas can reach 100 decibels at their loudest. That's as loud as a chain saw or a jack hammer. How is a small insect able to produce such a loud noise? They use a membrane in their abdomen called a tymbal and click it very rapidly. It may be an annoyance to us, but it sure does attract those lady cicadas. [Square Peg PinHole via Buzzfeed]

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You hear that crackle? That's the sound of acoustic DISTORTION.

That sound is what makes rock music, rock music. And it is gloriously annoying.

LIMITERS, my friend. Get them and use them, please.