Cingular Auctions American Idol -Themed Samsung D807s Signed By Bon Jovi and Ryan Seacrest

Let's see, open up our filing for the L's...ah, there it is, "lame". We're filing this under lame.

The concept definitely isn't lame though. Cingular's auctioning off 10 phones to benefit Bon Jovi's charities through Samsung's "Four Season of Hope" program. Their phones, however, could use some work. They took perfectly nice Samsung D807s, let an autistic 4th grader Elmer's Glue sequins all over the back, and then had Ryan "I made out with Teri Hatcher" Seacrest sign it.


Do you think the people who fall into the Bon Jovi + American Idol + Ryan Seacrest fanbase has thousands to plop down for a charity phone? Probably not. Here's hoping the kids get something nice out of this.

Auction Page [eBay via Press Release]

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