Cingular to Offer Mobile Banking

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I freakin' called it yesterday. Cingular announced today that they will begin offering a mobile banking application. The application would allow users to do thing such as money transfers, view balances and even pay bills from their mobile phone. Reports also show that Cingular won't be charging extra for this service. The application is currently in testing phases while Cingular is looking for a bank to partner with. Expect a full commercial roll out in early 2007.


Cingular plans mobile banking service for 2007 [Via CG]


Marty Mankins

So which major bank will be sponsering this new "free" feature? And with that, how many of the other banks other than the sponsor bank, will sign on once it goes live?

Personally, I like banks that have wireless access to my accounts (currently, out of the 4 banking institutions I use, only my local credit union offers a mobile banking option). But something tells me this could be limited to just a few banks.