CirculaFloor Autonomous Floor Tiles Drag the Ground from Under Your Feet in Virtual Reality

CirculaFloor—360° autonomous floor tiles—reposition themselves to make walking in virtual reality one step closer to being more realistic. However, walk a little too fast, and you'll fall flat on your ass.

Designed in 2004, CirculaFloor will let you walk everywhere from left to right, diagonally, forwards and backwards—it will even lift you up, simulating the feeling of climbing stairs. While you're walking, the tiles move around to anticipate your next step, all the while sliding backwards so you actually don't travel anywhere at all. For those of you who want to check it out for yourself, the CirculaFloor will be on display at the Science Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo, starting May 11. [Robot Watch via BotJunkie via DVice]


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