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Cisco's Streaming Media Boxes and HD Telepresence Gear for Average Joe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cisco doesn't want to just cater to your IT guy anymore—they're jumping into the consumer space at CES with three new streamy products: a video streamer, a streaming audio system, and Telepresence, a videoconferencing system.

The first two—a video streamer that "more easily" gets Internet video on your TV, like million other boxes out there, and a streaming "digital stereo system"—sound pretty mundane, and whether or not they're worth a look will rely entirely on their execution of what are now dated concepts.

The last, however, the Telepresence videoconferencing system, actually sounds interesting, and is supposedly based on their awesome corporate tech. Whether or not people actually want to talk to their families in HD video over their HDTVs is another question. It's something different, in any case. We'll definitely be checking it out next week to see if it's actually good too. [NYT]