Clark Gregg's Back and Up to No Good in the Trailer for Agents of SHIELD Season 6

Sarge is on the hunt. But why does he look like Phil Coulson?
Sarge is on the hunt. But why does he look like Phil Coulson?
Image: ABC/Marvel Studios

It’s Clark Gregg, Jim—but not as we know him.

One of the biggest surprises of Agents of SHIELD’s equally surprising renewal was the revelation that, while Clark Gregg’s beloved leader Phil Coulson said goodbye to the series at the climax of season five, the actor wasn’t actually all that done with Agents of SHIELD. We’ve had hints and teases of just who or what this mysterious Phil Coulson-alike—known only as “Sarge” in pre-release press materials—but as this new trailer for season six shows, we do know one thing about him: he’s up to no good.

Time will tell just what “Sarge” has to do with Coulson, and how our heroes will handle him walking around with the face of a dead man they cared about deeply, but there’s plenty else in this trailer to command our attention. And, of course, questions of just what SHIELD will do being set in the incredibly intriguing timeframe of a year after the events of Avengers: Infinity War.


We won’t have much longer until we get to find out ourselves—Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on May 10.

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