ClearSounds CLC50 Freedom Phone: Loud

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There's much to be said of gadgets designed for the elderly: they're usually simple to use, sturdy, and stand up to accidental application of Brylcreem. That's why Mike Elgan of the forcefully-named Personal Tech Pipeline loves his ClearSounds CLC50 Freedom Phone, proclaiming it 'the best phone ever.'


Actually, nevermind—those are qualities I am transposing to the Freedom Phone from the phone that sits just inside the expanses of my skull, tapping dully against my wet noggin like a injection-molded walnut as I reprimand myself with a brisk slap to the face. Elgan just likes the Freedom Phone because it makes him sound really loud and authoritative when speaking on yet another weekly tech podcast to which you aren't listening.

Why haven't I heard of the best phone ever, Mike? Maybe you should turn it up.

Why You've Never Heard Of The Best Phone Ever [PersonalTechPipeline via Digg]

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