Clever Case Mod Puts PC Where It Belongs

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

There's something satisfying about this trash can PC case mod from a resourceful Chinese enthusiast, putting the PC right where it belongs. I can think of many a long night where I wanted to do much worse to the PCs I've encountered. Not that we're Mac fanboys or anything, but you never see a Mac shoehorned into a garbage can like this.


Now if someone would just design a brick wall with a Motorola Q sticking out of it, I'd have the perfect case mod for my Smartphone.

Paper Bin Case Mod from China [Barbaria]


I have seen some crazy Mac mods before. Like seeing a Mac Mini put into a classic. Or the G5 Mini Tower with hand welded but damn professional looking case. The classic had no real advantage if not some disadvantages but the mini G5 was awesome.

As far as this Trash-mod it isn't so bad in a heat perspective. All the holes are like the front and back of a MacPro tower. Air+Cheap=Goodie. Best case for the money I say and perfect for the cooling. Hey I can use my old box fan to cool my CPU.

Anyway I am a Mac user and often use my PowerBook on horse back to the local pedestal shop right before I go to a proctologist about my head-ass. Anyway you guys probably would be smug too if you had a computer that could prioritise CPU usage to something other than spyware. Now I'm off to my Prius to meet with George Clooney in San Francisco about how wonderful we are. Especially since we know how to spell "pedestal".

(By the way not all Mac users are smug because we are still screwed in the game depo. But you maybe too with Open GL 1.0. Have a happy and healthy. Off Smugey we must ride to Pete's Pedestal Shop. Mine's still not high enough!!!)