CNN's Inauguration Day Photosynth Compiles Crowdsourced Photos in 3D (But It's No Hologram!)

Wolf has been somewhat confusedly hyping CNN's "Photosynth moment," much to Anderson Cooper's chagrin, and behold, here it is, presented by CNN's intrepid multitouch whiz John King. Wait, there's Oprah! UDATED

Microsoft's Photosynth is cool tech, stringing together a big bucket full of photos of a single event and arranging them in a zoomable 3D space by looking for common reference points. Here we're only working with 140 photos though, but CNN says they're going to keep working on it, adding in as many of their crowdsourced pics as possible. It's up for Silverlight zooming here where it will hopefully keep getting bigger. As you may remember, CNN set the ridiculous bar pretty high with their election night hologram, so it's going to take a little more to get a rise out of us jaded couchsurfers now.

Meanwhile, John King looks like he's still best in the business at providing the most 100% mind-numbing commentary while manipulating a touch interface of some kind on cable news.


We'll keep a look out for more CNN inaugo-tech. Grandpa Wolf has also been touting a satellite photo "specially ordered" for the occasion.

"Is that from one of those Predator drones?" asked Anderson a few minutes ago. "No, it's a satellite" replied Wolf, without a hint of amusement. Cable news tech at its finest, folks. [CNN's The Moment]

Update: We knew this wasn't the beginning of the Inaugo-tech train. SuperQuickZoom!

Update 2: It's getting bigger. Who's that in the crowd, Twittering live? @SCHWARZENEGGER!


Update 3:And behold, the promised satellite photo. Looks Maps! John King says this is the "fastest non-military turnaround of a satellite image." Mmmhmm.

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