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Microsoft Labs' Photosynth Creates 3D Environments From Your Vacation Photos

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Labs Photosynth Creates 3D Environments From Your Vacation Photos

Reader Dennis turns us on to another really cool test product from Microsoft's labs called Photosynth. It's a bit of software that takes a huge collection of photos of a single place—say all the Flickr pictures tagged with that location name—and organizes them into a 3D landscape. What this gets you is the ability to pan, scroll and zoom across many pictures and get the feeling like you're actually there.


An example would be you coming home from vacation and wanting to see what's around the corner from the picture you took of some monument.

Hopefully the entire process doesn't require you to say "Enhance" 47 times. Dennis actually checked (what a nerd) and said Deckard only said it three times. Hit up the page and try it out yourself if you're running WinXP or Vista.


Photosynth [Thanks Dennis!]

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this is where panoramic photography would be of great use