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Coca-Cola Filmed Noisy Filmgoers And Put Them In Fake Movie Trailers

To help drive home the point that you shouldn't ruin a movie by talking, using your phone, or snacking excessively loud, Coca-Cola created a fake movie trailer featuring people in the actual theater disrupting the action on screen. Which served to drive home the clip's tagline: "When you make noise during the movie, you become part of it."

Using a green screen and a hidden camera in the theater's lobby, unsuspecting patrons were filmed and then immediately composited into a fake trailer that served as a PSA reminding the audience to be polite and respectful to others while enjoying a movie. The turnaround time for pulling off such a stunt was incredibly tight given the clip had to run before the movie everyone was going to see, but there's no doubt it would have put everyone in that theater on their best behavior. [YouTube via Taxi]


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I'm going to be that guy and call this fake. There is no way in hell that this would work.

1. It would be so unlikely that people would frame themselves perfectly against a green screen while drinking/on their phone/chatting etc etc

2. You're damn right the turnaround time would be tight. There's no way they could composite that in the time it takes to sit down for a movie. They would have 30 mins max.