It was only a matter of time. Just a few days after the internet got good and outraged over the wildly absurd, porn-based learn-to-code site Code Babes, we present to you its satirical, equal opportunity cousin. Say hello to Code Dicks.

While an otherwise dead-ringer for the widely scorned original, Code Dicks doesn't actually offer any code-based lessons. Instead, its teachings remain squarely in the satirical realm.

As a disclaimer on the site's "philosophy" points out, Code Dicks' creators are not in any way affiliated with its more earnest counterpart.


Of course, there's still always the possibility that Code Babes itself was a (horribly executed) attempt at satire. But if that is the case, the minds behind the original could probably stand to takea few lessons from the Code Dicks formula. Read: no actual stripping. [Thanks, Florian!]

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