"Code Babes" Is Everything Wrong With Tech Culture—Plus Strippers

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The internet is buzzing right now with the latest, greatest (and potentially fake) Worst Thing Ever. Meet Code Babes, the stripping amalgam of everything that's wrong with tech culture today.


Code Babe's premise, purportedly, is to make learning to code fun by giving you an extra special sexytime motivation. Every time you pass a quiz, your lady instructor will remove one piece of clothing—going as far is it takes "to motivate you."

Several comments on Hacker News have pointed out that quite a few of the answers on these quizzes are straight up wrong, adding weight to the argument that this is (hopefully) just some troll's horribly misguided joke. But if the site is just a prank, that in no way excuses it by any means.

Sexism is already a huge issue in tech companies across the board. And even as a joke, a site like this is wildly alienating to women, particularly in a community that can't afford to push them out more than it already has. This isn't some clever satire; it's objectification in its grossest, most immature form—regardless of whether it's real or fake. [Hacker News]


KuriGohan and Kamehameha

Ugh... My wife is a QA Tester the team is on is all guys, the stuff I hear about what the guys talk is about... she really doesn't enjoy hearing that stuff 5 days a week for 8 hours. She'd love to complain to management, but everyone would know who complained. I worked for a game developer and nobody I know talked that way, if people did there there would probably be consequences. I don't know why that's all they can seem to talk about there. I mean, the game company I worked for was probably like 95% male. I had a female supervisor and I'm totally comfortable talking to her. Though, apparently other guys are intimidated by her... even her new boss at the indy game studio she moved to last year.