Hunters wear camouflage clothing from head to toe to blend in with their surroundings and sneak up on their prey. But fisherman never do, so Columbia has designed color-changing shirt with what it's calling a 'Solar Camo' pattern that only appears in the warmth of sunlight, helping anglers avoid being spotted and scaring the fish they're after.


When worn out of the sun the $140 top looks like a solid blue oxford button-up shirt, so a dedicated fisherman could go straight from the pond to work in the early morning without changing. The shirt's pixelated pattern is designed to break-up the fisherman as viewed from underwater, making their presence a little less obvious to fish, and supposedly giving them an advantage.

It's a bold claim for an expensive shirt, but if you've ever peered inside a fisherman's toolbox, you'll realize they're willing to try anything. [Gear Junkie]