Comcast 105Mpbs Service Coming Soon for $200/month?

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According to this ad on a Comcast customer bill, a new "Extreme" tier of Comcast's cable internet, err, Xfinity service could roll out within the next week.

The service facts from the billvertisement?

• 105Mbps down, 10Mbps up
• $200/month
• $250 installation fee (required)
• June 1st launch


However, when the customer called Comcast to confirm, no service agents had been briefed about the new service. So June 1st might be a bit optimistic.

Comcast has already launched 100Mbps-level speed packages in test markets, but last we heard, the prices were (even more) astronomical—$370 a month. By comparison, $200 sounds downright reasonable. Then again, for that much, you could actually just buy most of the movies and music you can consume in a month. [DSLReports via Electronista]