Comcast and TWC Boost Speeds Where They Have Actual Competition

If you're looking for one clear, real-world example of why Comcast and Time Warner Cable shouldn't be allowed to merge, let it be this: in one of the few areas of the country where the two cable giants face legitimate competition, they're actually upping their speeds.


Notably, in Kansas City—where Google just happens to provide its gigabit Fiber service—Comcast and Time Warner Cable are upping speeds for free. Customers who currently pay for 25 Mbps will get 50 Mbps; those who pay for 50 will get 105; and others stumping up for 105 will get 150. Not up to Google's speeds just yet, but an overnight doubling (in most cases) is welcome nonetheless.

It's a nice reminder that even the greediest of corporations still has to respond to competition—it's just a shame that, when the big get bigger, that gets harder. Still,, clearly Kansas City resident using Comcast or Time Warner Cable owe Google a big thank you. Apparently similar speed upgrades are to happen in Texas and in the Northeast, too. [Kansas City Star via Consumerist]

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