The entire Internet would very much appreciate it if HBO offered an HBO Go subscription without the need to have cable. We want to pay for HBO Go like we pay for Netflix. But that hasn't happened... yet. But people are trying! Even cable companies.

Comcast has come up with a new package that's probably the closest thing to subscribing to HBO Go without having to get traditional cable: an 'Internet Plus' package that includes Internet, an HBO Go subscription and 20 basic TV channels.


DSLreports says that Comcast will offer that bundle of 25 Mbps Internet, HBO Go, some basic TV channels and access to Comcast's streaming service StreamPix for $40-$50 a month for 12 months. That sounds a lot like the idea the HBO CEO imagined earlier this year of a combo Internet+HBO Go subscription. That's pretty not bad?

If you look at it as just paying for Internet (which most people need more than cable TV now), you're getting HBO Go tossed in for free. Or if you think HBO Go costs $10-$15 a month, you're giving your Internet bill a bit of a discount. Either way, it sounds a lot more appetizing than being on hook for a $100+ cable bill just to get your Game of Thrones on. [DSLreports]

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