Comcast Would Like to Remind You It Does Same-Day VOD, Too

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Not content to let Cablevision steal all of the same-day VOD thunder today, Comcast made an announcement reiterating they do same-day movies on-demand as well, but they don't send you a DVD. They've also got whole trilogies of movies! Ooooo. Sorry, like Randall said, there is but one trilogy. [Comcast]


Movie debuts, television series premieres, action trilogies and Oscar-winning films pack Comcast's on-demand service

More Hot Hits Added Every Week to Entertain Viewers and Deliver More High-Definition Choices Available Anywhere, Any Time

Top VOD Titles Include: The Bourne Trilogy, Michael Clayton, the Rush Hour Trilogy, and Academy-Award Winners Ray, Traffic, The Pianist, The Queen, Rain Man, The Departed, Happy Feet

PHILADELPHIA, PA - February 4, 2008 - Comcast, the nation's leading provider of entertainment, information and communications, announced top new titles on its signature video on demand (VOD) service, most available in HD. The new lineup includes:

* Hollywood hits that are available the same day the films hit DVD;
* Hot television series premiering on VOD at least one week before airing on linear television channels;
* Two action-packed, blockbuster trilogies; and
* Special Academy Award-winning films for every movie buff.

The news follows Comcast's announcement of Project Infinity, its vision to deliver exponentially more content choice on TV, including more high-definition (HD), sports, movies, kids' programs and network TV shows, which the company introduced at the Consumer Electronics show on Jan 8th.

"Television viewing has changed and consumers have an insatiable appetite for personalized content delivered directly to their TVs. We're leading the charge and our customers love it" said Derek Harrar, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Services for Comcast. "With top titles like the Bourne and Rush Hour trilogies, we're giving our customers more movies, more shows and more HD than anyone else&mdashall available at the click of their remote control."

These new viewing choices are part of Comcast's video-on-demand lineup with more than 10,000 VOD selections available each month. Comcast customers now are selecting On Demand more than 100 times per second, with about 275 million views monthly; and since 2003, the company has seen viewership grow dramatically, surpassing six billion views.

Comcast's On Demand highlights are outlined below, along with links to details about each of them provided by, which Comcast also launched at CES. is the first online destination that enables users to watch, manage and find entertainment content wherever it is available - on Fancast, on television, online, on DVD or in theaters.

Hollywood blockbuster trilogies available On Demand include:

Bourne Trilogy
Available now, also in HD

Rush Hour Trilogy
Available now, also in HD

Feature films available On Demand the same day they're released on DVD, including:

Shoot Em Up
Available now, also in HD

Mr. Woodcock
Available now, also in HD

Available now, also in HD

The Brave One
Available 2/5, also in HD

Available 2/19, also in HD

No Reservations
Available 2/12, also in HD

Michael Clayton
Available 2/19, also in HD

Academy Award-winning favorites this month;
With more than 30 Academy Award-winning movies available On Demand in February, any movie buff can find what they're looking for, with titles like Ray*, The Pianist*, Traffic*, The Queen*, Dances with Wolves, Rain Man, The Departed and Gandhi—as well as family favorites like Happy Feet and Babe* for younger fans.
*These titles also are available in HD.

Premium and free television premieres available On Demand include:

The Tudors
First season available 2/18 to all Comcast Digital Cable customers, even if they don't subscribe to Showtime, also in HD; second season premiering in March, available to Showtime subscribers, also in HD

The Wire
Available now

Flavor of Love
Available 2/4, also in HD

Also available are the highly anticipated series, Whitest Kids U' Know and Pinks, all also in HD, and the movie Husband for Hire.


I just got Comcast digi + HD installed over the weekend along with my first HDTV, and so far so good...

My only complaint is that there's not enough 'regular' HD channels in my region (south jersey shore), but hopefully they'll get around to rolling out some more as opposed to just shoving more crappy movies into their VOD