Cablevision's Crazy New VOD Scheme: Send You the DVD Too

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Same-day movies on demand isn't a new offering from cable providers. But Cablevision's new setup is entirely different, and just a little weird. You pay 10 or 16 or 20 bucks (depending on freshness) to watch the flick the same day it hits DVD, and then Cablevision sends the DVD to you in the mail. WTF?


All the usual VOD rules apply still: 24-hour viewing window, etc. This take on VOD is like Hollywood's wet dream though, since there is literally no cannibalization of the DVD sale, and they rake in most of the money here, not the distributor.

I think a better solution—i.e., one people use, maybe—would be giving you the option to buy the DVD after you've watched it on demand, and for a reduced price. If I'm watching something on demand, I'm really just checking it out—I don't know I want the DVD. And if I really want something on DVD, especially on release day, I haul my ass over to whichever B&M or online store has it cheapest and buy it. The way it is now, it's like a mutated Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. movie, which has "fail" written all over it. [CNN via Broadband Reports]


Hey, paisans! That's no freakin' goomba with his freakin' picture up there.

Yeah, I'm talkin' to you.