Come For the Vasectomy, Stay For the Free Pizza

If you've been mulling the idea of having a vasectomy—and who hasn't!—here's the deal of the century; a private practice in Hyannis, Massachusetts is giving away a free pizza with every sterilization! Worth it.

They even suggest that this time of year is perfect for the snip. Vasectomy patients, unsurprisingly, need to spend some time sitting quietly after the operation, which the doctors suggest ties in beautifully with watching some March Madness basketball. Pizza, sitting still, and the promise a future with no more kids—what better?

Sadly, the pizza only comes with one topping, but Evan Cohen, administrator of the private practice, has a suggestion of how you can liven it up: "Maybe you can put some meatballs on it." Too far, Evan. Too. Far. [Cape Cod Online via The Daily What]

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It's cheap to get a vasectomy. Its expensive to get it back. Be careful my "brothers". It won't cost you anything to get one, but if you change your mind, your looking at $30,000 out of pocket because insurance doesn't cover it. I'm 44 and I won't get one because I might change my mind. Pizza ain't worth it.