Come On, At Least Put A Little Effort Into It

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To: Treo Fanboys, Rumormongers and Hoaxer Wannabes

From: The Rest of Us

Re: Your Quality of Late

Look, there have been so many rumors about the next Treo running Windows Mobile that they no longer cause any raised eyebrows. That leaves your doctored photos as the only thing to hold our attention, and frankly, the stuff you've been churning out lately just isn't cutting it. You really need to reconsider your commitment to the team, and if you can't put your heart in it — or at least find somebody who knows their way around Photoshop — maybe the best thing for you do to would be to move on.


Case in point: this latest one. Its craptacularity pretty much speaks for itself. Pick it up guys, you're really letting The Rest of Us down. — CL

Treo 700 to Run Windows - Prolly Not
"Leaked photos show Treo 700 running WM" [MobileRead Networks]

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