Comedian Stephen Fry Gets Guardian Column on Gadgets

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Hoping to put us out of a job, The Guardian gave British comedian Stephen Fry his own column about gadgets. You'll remember that we wrote about Fry's huge rant on smartphones (the same rant that got him this job), taking to task just about every manufacturer (including Apple) for sub-par work. In his new column, which we're sure will be better than any gadget blog on the net (including this one) he'll focus on not just smartphones, but general gadgetry, which includes computers, music players, game consoles, and so forth. Good thing for us his columns only appear once a week. [Guardian via Wired]

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Stephen Fry is a God amongst Men. Here in the UK he is kindly regarded as the cleverest man alive! Damn all those who try and get into an intellectual fight of the minds with him!

He is also quite famous for loving gadgets too so I welcome our intellectual funny, posh, journalist overload.