Hey, sassy commenters! This here is a friendly reminder that, while we love you all and know that you are each unique and beautiful snowflakes, we won't put up with any bullshit. 99% of the time you make intelligent and often funny contributions to the site and we loves ya for it, but once in a while a bad apple comes in and just takes the fun out of it for everyone.

So, now that the dust has settled from CES and we finally have gotten over our hangovers and STDs, it's time to polish the banhammer and crack some skulls. Join me, won't you?


The Departed: Drugs for Sale
The Reason: Unfunny, sexist, and nonsensical all in one joke? That's the trifecta, dude. You're outta here.

The Departed: Spudster
The Reason: Hurting our feelings.

The Departed: jcc123
The Reason: A history of vaguely racist, xenophobic, and mean-spirited comments has finally caught up with him.


The Departed: Sweet Toof
The Reason: Being a negative nelly.

That's all for this round. Just so we're all clear, comment executions aren't permanent. You can get back into the system the same way everyone else can, by submitting a witty or intelligent comment and getting invited. I mean hey, we aren't heartless. Well, maybe Travis is.