Complete Uncut Gizmodo Bill Gates Interview

Click to viewWe've shown you snippets throughout the week, but we wanted you to have access to the full 20 minutes, too, so you can catch every little nugget from the conversation, and see how the chat evolved to the point where Bill could be frank and open about all things Microsoft. It's in YouTube so you can share it or do whatever. Just remember it's long, so you may want to get a beverage or a snack before pressing play.


Gizmodo's Bill Gates CES 2008 Interview:

Part 1 - On the difference between Microsoft and Apple

Part 2 - On his changing public image

Part 3 - What he worries about most

Part 4 - Holy Crap: Did Bill Gates Just Say Windows Sucks?


Bill Gates gave Giz twenty minutes of his time?

If time equals money—and friends, it certainly does—then I think Giz just received the equivalent of a million dollars (how much Bill Gates makes every 20 minutes...)