The staff of Mac|Life has a neat thinkfeature imagining future packaging for Apple software. They've got three concepts, all of which are eye-catching, attractive and Apple-esque, but they don't feel quite right. The first, by Mac|Life's own art director, for instance, might be eco-friendly with recycled packaging, but it still uses more material than is necessary, bucking Apple's trend toward absolutely minimal packaging.


I really like Mark Rosenthal's teardrop case, and it's certainly minimalist enough in both form and mass for Apple's taste. Almost too minimalist. It's the greenest setup, forgoing plastic and a paper manual entirely. But, even though I can't quite put my finger on it, it still feels like something out of the cards for Apple aesthetics, despite being the best design of the three IMO.

Katori Dohji's uses green materials, too‚ÄĒeverything's biodegradable‚ÄĒand shuns bulky packaging. But it's also kind of boring in execution and not particularly mold-breaking. But I could just be saying that because I hate the powder blue top. What do guys think? Unleash your critiques in the comments. [Mac|Life]