Concept Dishwasher Looks Nice, May Turn Your Kitchen into a Rainforest

Spring segueing into summer means degree shows, when students show off their, frankly, outtahere-lunatic creations. So, without further ado, let's go to the Centre de Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal, where we have an innovative wall-hung dishwasher, or dishwasheur, as it's probably called.

Designed by Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard, I almost like it. Almost. Big thumbs-up to the elongated rack—but I'm just not sure about that "autonomous" dishwasher unit that moves across the rack, rather like the printer head on an old dot matrix printer. And ladies, where was the spirit level in the making of your dishwasheur? Attention to detail, that's Giz all over, innit? [MoCo Loco]


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