Congrats to the winner of io9's Bear McCreary contest!

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Congratulations to Kris (a.k.a. txtphile) for winning an all-expense-paid trip to see Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary create the score for Sony PlayStation's SOCOM 4 at the palatial Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California. Read Kris' paean to Bear below.

Bear's music makes me cry, in the good way. I wish I could be more eloquent, but as someone who reads, writes, and thinks in words all day long I find myself humbled. Intimidated. This dude harnessed a vocabulary of melody and texture in his art that makes me downright embarrassed of the quasi-Germanic grunts I call language.

I can't play guitar or piano. Hell, sheet music itself looks like ancient Geminese to me. So when I saw this contest I did the best I could. I flipped my ipod to the season 2 soundtrack. I reminisced.

I'm one of those misguided fools who loved all of BSG (even Black Market(!)) so, naturally, each instrument and musical phrase became scenes and characters. Oh, there's Adama staring over his glasses at the dradis console. There's Starbuck looking hot and dangerous and vulnerable, like a waffle iron with bad wiring. There's Baltar slowly, surely losing his marbles.

I know there's some scientific link between music and memory. A set of neurons in my brain subconsciously linked the drums and strings from the soundtrack to the images and words on the tv show. All very rational. But then this came on. A manly tear streaked, unbidden, down my manly cheek. The song wasn't about some fictional battlestar meeting another fictional battlestar in miraculous circumstances. It was hope, destiny, and impossible dreams manifest. It was beautiful.

See, language is ill-equipped to express emotion like this. Thus, sadly, my words about the experience are doomed to failure, or at least grievous incompleteness. So why am I Bear McCreary's biggest fan? Why should I even hope to win this contest? My only answer is "Pegasus".


Kris will watch Bear compose this Thursday, June 3. Thanks to all who entered!

[Photo via Mark Berry's Flickr]



So he's actually just going over to Brian Crecente's house?

I never realized how much McCreary and Crecente look alike.