Consider What You Take For Granted

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There's still nothing approaching normalcy in Haiti, days after a quake essentially leveled Port-au-Prince. Here, we see a makeshift power strip being used to rent out phone chargers by the hour.

Because even things we take for granted like electricity are extremely scarce, people are forced to share, ration or go without. Today's Big Picture has a collection of recent photos from the disaster, and they are harrowing to say the least.

The people of Haiti still need help, and lots of it. If you haven't donated yet, or have already and are able to do so again, I can't urge you strongly enough to give as much as you can. [The Big Picture]

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My Church is planning a mission trip down there by the end of the year to re-build one of the Churches for a missionary who's Church and house was lost in the earthquake. I'm really hoping I can make it on this trip, I was just in the Dominican Republic last week working on a Church when the earthquake happened, it was a very humbling week to say the least.