Consumers Choose Products With More Tech Specs

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A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals that we are heavily influenced into choosing products with heavy technical specs—even when those specs mean nothing.

Five related studies were performed in which participants had to choose between two items in various categories, including digital cameras, towels, sesame oil, cell phones, and potato chips. And in every study, the participants preferred the items with the most specifications.

The study's author concludes that there is indeed a practical lesson for marketers here, though I'm pretty sure that digital cameras alone have pretty much proven that point already. [Lab Spaces Thanks Elizabeth!]


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Well, the more specs you publish, the more informed about the product you are. Unless the marketing is bullshit, which does occasionally happen. Would I buy $6.99 towels, or $6.99 towels made from the finest egyptian cotton?

Kind of like sheets. Would you buy $30.99 sheets, or $30.99 300 thread count sateen sheets? (I purchase neither, and will stick with my 1200 thread count sheets.)