Containership Power Strip

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This is just damn cool. Forget the traditional power strips, those are dull and boring. This power strip looks like a containership and will conveniently power all of your gadgets. It was designed by Jim Termeer and is unfortunately a conceptual design, but maybe it will be put into production some day. Just don't actually put it into the water, because then not only will you be an idiot, you will be a dead idiot.


Containership Power Supply [Yanko]

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The designer comments back:

Hey all! Thanks for your comments on the boat.

Some comments of my own:

-It's a working prototype right now, but may do a limited production (won't be cheap though).

-It has 6 ports, all positioned for power adapters (vampires).

- If there aren't cords strewn around powerstrip like a disembodied alien, then your not really trying.

- More photos:…