ConvertBot is the Prettiest Unit Conversion iPhone App You're Likely To See

Aside from being able to convert Swedish krona into pesos, millimeters of mercury into pascals and everything in between, ConvertBot looks and sounds beautiful.


Also, I think this is the most emotionally touching app demo I've ever seen. With the crisp 5D Mark II limited-depth-of-field video, that plaintive guitar music and this guy's voice, I feel suddenly moved to SPEND SPEND SPEND! In all seriousness though, this is a great piece of work by the guys at Tapbots and well worth the buck. Vote with your dollars and reward some attention to design detail (from the satisfying click noises down to the lovely typography and icons) in the App Store. Lord knows we need all we can get. [ConvertBot]

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This is a winner. I can never tell for sure if something in another country is a good deal or not without doing mind numbing calculations in my head.