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Corian Digital Roulette Table Still Takes Your Money, Dignity

Illustration for article titled Corian Digital Roulette Table Still Takes Your Money, Dignity

Given that the Gizmodo team has returned from Vegas, and the roulette table didn't treat us very well, I figured it would be appropriate to post about this corian digital roulette table.

Corian is a solid surface material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate made by DuPont. It is said to be a thermosetting plastic, but can be thermoformed by heating it to 300°F (149°C), allowing unique shapes to be created. Its primary use is for countertops.


The lamp above the table represents the wheel and is essentially a random number generator that will select a winner. Place your bets on the illuminated table and let the random number generator roll. This corian table was designed by Moritz Waldemeyer.

Corian Roulette Table [YankoDesign]

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