Corpus Clock: "The Strangest Clock in the World" Unveiled By Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has made his way back to Cambridge after participating in the launch of the LHC to unveil an unbelievable new clock at Corpus Christi College. Designer John Taylor intended the clock to be "terrifying," saying that he views time as "as not on your side." In his words, time will "eat up every minute of your life, and as soon as one has gone he's salivating for the next." Dubbed as the "strangest clock in the word," the Corpus clock features a time-devouring grasshopper at its top that moves around the face one second at a time. As it moves, the 60 slits cut into its face light up to show the time. It took a team of eight engineers and craftsman five years to mold the clock, and it is expected to last another 25 years on its current electric motor. "Conventional clocks with hands are boring," Taylor admits. "I wanted to make timekeeping interesting." Mission accomplished, my friend. It's hard to imagine that something so sinister looking could have come out of the mind of that harmless looking older gentleman in the video. I mean, he made his fortune developing the kettle thermostat, for crying out loud. [Guardian and BBC News]


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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

Hmm, add a plate with the stylized words "XS Tech" to it, and I'd this thing couldn't remind me more of an old Disney World attraction I've heard about, unless you changed what's crawling at the top somewhat!

Didn't realize how big the clock was until I realized they didn't put him in front of a green screen background, not to mention I'm surprised that that such a calm-sounding guy would create something so deliciously sinister looking!